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Valentine’s Day

Hope you had a love – ly Valentine’s Day!

I think I am married to one of the least romantic men on earth.

Here is what I created for Valentine’s Day – a gorgeous dinner table (and delicious dinner)

Valentine's Day Table



How much do I love you?

and here is what he did

Note he at least used 2 different coloured pens! Cute.

Yep, that is a post-it note.

Side ways too!

Til next time



1 sleep til big school!

So, tomorrow my big girl starts big school.

She can’t wait. In fact she was so excited tonight she was glowing! A few sneaky tears have already escaped my eyes however! I just can’t can’t believe my baby is moving on to this next phase of her life.

After taking her to a movie today (her choice of activity for her last day before big school) we spent the afternoon setting up her Cubeo

Image 1

We don’t know her weekly routine yet but she was amazingly excited that everyday I could ask HER what was on for the day and she could pack her bag. I say amazing as she will never do things for herself, well ok, not never but she takes a LOT of “persuading” (read asking until I scream!).

So, I jumped at her excitement and together we set up an awesome morning routine chart for her.  I saw on a TV show about things like this that then you can blame the chart for the next thing needing to be done! Thanks also to my lovely friend K for the inspiration.

Morning Chart
Morning Chart

I know that restricting screen time is going to be a big thing once school starts so her reward for doing these things is 5 minutes of screen time per job (without being asked more than once). She can earn a total of  45 mins a day and can save this for weekends to watch movies etc.

We also made up a list of things she would be happy to find in her lunch box

Lunch Ideas

So……fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Just one little sock left…

Well today there is just one little sock left on our advent calendar – gee that went fast.

Lots of posts I wanted to do but didn’t get too. Too busy. I will get to them even if it is after Xmas!

By the way – did anyone else see the Interflora Christmas Ad on TV last night? They had a baby sock Advent calendar in it. G0bsmacked!

You can see it here

I will try and squeeze a few more entries in but if I don’t Happy Christmas x


OK, I will get onto the rest of those craft projects. Promise.

So today I realised I really can’t stand cooking with my kids.

Sad really as I love cooking. Well, I did before I had to come up with meals everyday that 1 child who only likes crunchy food & meat, 1 child that only likes soft food & refuses to eat meat and a husband who would like a restaurant quality meal each night will all eat. (Note that my tastes don’t have a chance to be considered…)

I don’t know if it is because I am a bit of a perfectionist – I couldn’t care less about the mess created while cooking but the finished product must look as I imagined – or because I have so little patience at the moment what with the sleep deprivation, anxiety & generally feeling so mentally and physically stretched at the moment…

I REALLY want to enjoy cooking with them. Today we were making some biscuits to take to Miss %’s preschool Christmas Concert party. They wanted to help. Well really they just wanted to eat dough, stick their fingers in it and destroy any I actually managed to cut out.

Oh – and eat the m&m’s I had to decorate them.

I feel so guilty that I can’t just relax and enjoy the moment with them. And share something that can be so enjoyable and it just an important life skill.

Instead after 3 minutes I thanked them for their help (that was a big improvement from the usual snapping and huffing at them until they ask to not help anymore) and sent them off to watch a DVD. Bad mothering post #1. I am sure there will be many more.

Christmas Creations Part 2 – Stockings

So, confession time. I am actually Jewish by birth. Hubby is Catholic by birth. We don’t practice any religion. However, I think as I didn’t really have much Christmas in my life growing up I can get kind of into the fun side of it – especially at the moment as it is such a fun time for the girls.

So, since Miss 5 was born I had wanted to make a Christmas stocking for her. And when Miss 2.5 was born I even bought some fabric.

So 2 years later I finally got around to it!

I was inspired by this that I saw on Pinterest

Cute huh? So after about a lifetime  a few weeks of Miss 5 asking if we were going to have stockings this year I got onto it.

These were my fabrics & trims

So, off I went, I hadn’t sewed for ages and it took me a while to get my head around it all but the step by step tutorial on was fab & once I got going it wasn’t too bad.

A cute vintage button to attach the trim and voila! So cute!

…and did the girls like them??? Well Miss 5 LOVED her pink & green one – she is all about pink. Miss 2.5 on the other hand? She threw it to the floor in disgust screaming “I don’t like green, I don’t like red. Only like PURPLE” and stormed off!!!

(she has since come around!)

christmas creations part 1 – advent calendar

So, as it is THAT time of year, I have actually been creating some things.

My first project was an advent calendar. This year is the first time my older daughter who has just turned 5 has been aware of these daily sweet treat creations.

I thought one might help with the “how many sleeps til santa” infernal questioning.

I happened across this divine offering



gorgeous. seriously gorgeous.

but at $168 I thought I would make my own, in my usual ridiculous style I looked at it and thought “I can make that, I can sew a few mini stockings, make some pouches, find some gorgeous fabric blah blah blah”

And then (also in my usual style) I procrastinated by spending my days cooking, cleaning, changing nappies, and other super fun domestic crud.

I then accepted it was NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN – until I had a brainwave. Baby socks. I have a huge bag of these, they are cute, colourful and look like perfect mini Xmas stockings.

Baby Sock Advent Calendar

I printed out and attached some numbered gift tags, raided the kids Halloween candy (hehe – they think it is all new stuff!) and done!

If I was to do it again I wouldn’t tie them so close together – I also decided to do the numbers in reverse to a normal advent so each day the girls could see how many more sleep til Santa.

They love it and it is cute & colourful. I also remember them wearing each sock so a bit of a sweet memory trip for me too.

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